Monday, July 28, 2014

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Digi60SIFT recap

Digi60 SIFT is behind us and what a fun time it was!

My highlights were meeting and learning from:

Jennifer Podemski (Empire of Dirt)
Ingrid Veninger (The Animal Project)
and A.J. Bond (Stress Position)

Three phenomenal filmmakers, all at varying stages of their careers.

The couple of takeaways -

1.  Do it yourself.
2.  Do it really well.
3.  Don't stop.

I was in the directing and producing stream. Lots of information about inside the Telefilm system, outside the Telefilm system, and how the rest of the world of low budget films operate from the standpoint of making money.

A challenge to filmmakers:

Watch where your words come from about diverse groups that look different than you. And, I don't mean just white folk. Think gender lines, ethnicity, culture. You are doing a complete and utter disservice if you cut anyone out.

Don't be Hollywood. Be better than Hollywood. Be Canadian.